Jeanie C.

Dr. Da Cruz’s clinic is located in Escazú Costa Rica. Fernanda is a superb dentist, with a boutique-like clinic. My mother and I had all of our dental work done there. We saved about $10,000 total, as we both needed extensive work. And we got to go see the most amazing beautiful sites. You fly into San Jose, which is an International Airport… you can get there easily from almost anywhere. It is super safe. My mom and I went alone and I know several people in their 70’s and even 80’s go there alone. Escazú has a gorgeous Mall and a hospital owned and operated by a group out of Texas. Everything is equal to U.S. standards! It’s a fabulous way to save thousands of dollars on expensive dental work and to see a beautiful country. You don’t have to go back for endless appointments like you do here in the U.S. They do everything in about a week or less. And even after hotel and airfare, it is about one-third of the U.S. cost! Fernanda has such gentle hands patients actually fall asleep in the chair! I highly recommend this Clinic!


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