How to have a healthy mouth?

healthy mouth

Our mouth is one of the most fundamental parts of our bodies; with it we fulfill functions of speech and eating. It also helps us complement our personal image.

Thus why we must take good care of it.

A common question that dentists receive is how to supplement diet with oral health, which is why we have developed this series of tips.

Do not eat between meals

Usually the mouth is in a state of “rest”, however when we eat it becomes acidic causing our teeth to begin to dissolve.

A period of 40 minutes is needed after eating, so that the mouth returns to its normal acidity state.

So, the more you eat; the longer the normalization process takes.

If the need to eat between meals is too much, its best to chew gum, drink water or eat a piece of cheese.


Avoid sugar

Sugar is teeth’s biggest enemy since it creates the ideal environment for cavities.



You have to be careful with foods that seem to be sugar free but really have it hidden like fruit juices, cereals or some precooked meals.

It’s better to eat an orange than to drink bottled orange juice.

Milk is another of these deceptive foods, although it contains calcium that’s good for your teeth, it also has sugar.

Special care must be taken with children since they might fall asleep with the bottle in their mouths or not have brushed their teeth thoroughly after drinking milk and this contributes to the formation of cavities.

Acid = enemy of the teeth

After ingesting an acidic beverage such as, juice or fruit tea it’s recommended to drink a glass of water to rinse the mouth and dilute the acid.

Do not brush your teeth earlier than 40 minutes after having eaten or drunken acidic foods, since these soften the tooth enamel and when brushing the tooth the protective dental layer can be damaged.


Appropriate method of tooth brushing



It’s important to follow an order when brushing the teeth so as not to leave any dirty surface.

You should start in one corner of the mouth and go brushing each tooth slowly one by one until you reach the other corner.

Two minutes of brushing, twice a day and not rinsing after just spitting, so that fluoride stays on the teeth, are the key to keeping our mouths are healthy.


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